Harry Potter Crochet Patterns: POA Scarf

Harry Potter Crochet Patterns – The Prisoner of Azkaban Hogwarts scarves is quite different in the previous scarves where egalitarian stripes at which the norm. Here’s a pattern Inspired from the POA aka Prisoner of Azkaban scarves.   harry potter crochet pattern scarf


  • 7 Ounces of Main Color
  • two Ounces or a lot of contrasting colour
  • Cast Size I
  • Darning Needle and ribbons. harry potter crochet pattern griffindor scarf

 Harry Potter Crochet Patterns: POA Scarf Model

Main Pattern

  • When Shifting colors cut yarn and render at least a 6 into 10-inch tail to weave.
  • With Main Color and Crochet Hook I (or size you prefer) String 30.
  • Starting Row: hdc from the second chain from hook and in each chain for a total of 29 hdc stitches, turn.
  • Row 1 Chain 2 , count chain twice as the first hdc, hdc in each stitch around, for 29 stitches, flip
  • Row 2 – 21 Duplicate Row 1
  • Row 22 Duplicate Row 1, but change colors in the previous hdc (** see notice on how to change colors below)
  • Row 23-24 Repeat Row 1 together with Contrasting Colour, on Row 24 final hdc Change colours to the most important colour.
  • Titles 25-27 Repeat Row 1 together with the Principal color, On Row 27 the Last hdc, Change Colors to Contrasting colour.
  • Row 28-29 Repeat Row 1 with Contrasting Color, on Row 29 last hdc Change colors to the most important colour.
  • Keep replicating Rows 1-29 as far as you will need to, since it reaches 56 inches, and then finish using Row 1-22.

harry potter crochet pattern POA scarf


Weave the ends. Add fringe for your liking, short, long, every match, every other stitch, a couple of strands.

* Start with a loop over the hook. Hook yarn and pull through. (One series finished.) ** When ready to change to another color, create your hdc from the old colour on the previous stitch, thendrag the new colour through the 3 loops on the hook to finish that hdc or half double crochet.

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